Old Vintage Spiderman Comic Book Starter Set Pack Amazing #350 & 351 Web #79, 80
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Old Vintage Spiderman Comic Book Starter Set Pack Amazing #350 & 351 Web #79, 80


Thank The issues in this comic pack are pretty common, but the packaging is not easy to find. Amazing Spider-Man #350 is the last Erik Larsen artwork issue, and #351 is the first Mark Bagley artwork issue. (Doctor Doom makes an appearance in 350). In Web of Spider-Man #79 and 80, Silvermane makes an appearance. This listing is for the sealed comic book pack shown. However, the plastic must have opened from storage, at the top of the plastic. I don’t think enough space is torn for a comic to have been handled and put back into it as it is still mostly sealed. However, there is a tiny corner bend on the upper right corner on #350. As a whole, I could be wrong, but it looks like the whole pack, at least what is showing, is in really bad shape. It looks pretty bent up to me. I don’t know to what extent each individual comic has defects. I want to consider this a low-grade pack just to be safe. Please see the photos as I am not a professional grader and cannot guarantee a specific grade. Item is being sold AS-IS, no returns and/or exchanges as the condition can change once handled, especially on a pack that is already at least partially opened. Thank you.

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