Value Pack Vintage Batman Comic Book #505 & Deity #6B
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Price: 56.31 USD

Value Pack Vintage Batman Comic Book #505 & Deity #6B


This listing is for the item shown, which is a bag of two comic books. One is the Batman one by DC Comics. The other is Deity #6B. I am selling two of the exact value packs with the only difference being the card in the bag. (The last two photos illustrate examples of the card differences).

I cannot guarantee any particular conditions as I am not a professional grader. Plus, the bag is sealed, so it isn’t possible to check.

Instant payment with Best Offer only.  No cancellations, refunds, and/or exchanges when Best Offer is used.  No exceptions, (Found a better price, bought by mistake, thought you were selling your own item, etc.)

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