Web Of Spiderman #30; Ned Leeds Hobgoblin Origin; R. Fisk (Rose) Joins Kingpin
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Web Of Spiderman #30; Ned Leeds Hobgoblin Origin; R. Fisk (Rose) Joins Kingpin


Direct edition. This issue has been safely bagged and boarded for decades. It has spine nicks, corner dings, and signs of surface wear/handling. (No hard bends, tears, missing pieces, or anything serious). Below is an expanded title I wrote that tells a little more about the comic since only eighty characters fit in the actual title. It is definitely a storyline worth reading. There are references to Wolverine, Green Goblin, Daredevil, Captain America, The Punisher, etc. None of them actually appear in this issue except with one or two panels as part of the story-telling/narration. I would consider it a key issue, but I don’t think it is recognized as one. After all, it contains both the origin of The Hobgoblin AND the origin of The Rose! It is very underrated!

Web Of Spiderman Comic Book #30; Origin Of The Rose (Richard Fisk, The Kingpin’s Son), Rose Joins The Kingpin; Ned Leeds As Hobgoblin; Alfredo (Rose’s Friend) Appearance

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